About Our Company

Pnosan Group is supportive to its customers with its wide product range in every respect. With its employees who are expert and well trained in their fields, both professional products and services are given by us.

We are a company that gives importance to the equality of opportunity and plans the working conditions of its employees accordingly in this direction. We are the second in the World and first in Turkey on “soft-turning off ” float steam traps.

Pnosan Group is aiming to invest in future with its ‘NST-Nordsteam’ brand. Our Group has steam armatures made in Turkey with CE certificate as well as installation equipments and all kinds of technical materials available in its stock. Pnosan Group feels honour to present the products approved by international test institutions to our domestic and World markets under the trademark of Nst-Nordsteam, which are very well known all over the World.

This Company has always given importance to its priorities in its journey for 30 years, is continuing to work for you to keep the control of installation line in your hand. The main issue of our company; While representing our country perfectly in the global markets, to be well known all around the world, to be a leading company  all over the world.