About Us

Imagine a company that continues  its journey with the philosophy of "to become the best and the most reliable" since the day it  was founded. The company that adopts  starting  journeys to the firsts  as its main objective, that has been growing and developing  every passing day for  26 years, that  realizes investments for future by considering the issues of efficiency, sustainability and flexibility as a whole .

 Pnosan Group has been identified with the concept of  "trust" , continues the journey and going further for the better  with decisive and  secure steps that include export activities to 11 different countries of the world, whose numbers are on the increase day by day.

 Our company that was providing industrial consultancy services with a small shop in 1994, continues its services today with 1000 m² store, 1600 m² factory and warehouses, furthermore our new invesment for 8000 m²  has been going on at full speed.

 The company, which continues working with young, dynamic, innovative and egalitarian  technical team who cares about development , education,  quality  products and services, has been proud to be with clients all the time  in the period of development for  twenty-six-years.

 Pnosan Group continues walking confidently with the aim of better investment for the bright future with the “NORDSTEAM” brand, furthermore,  the Turkish and CE certified steam armatures as well as plumbing equipments and all kinds of technical materials that are kept in stock and presented with honor to the market of Turkey  and all the world markets after they are tested and approved by worldwide test institutions.

 For twenty-six years, this company’s priority has always been to provide quality service to its respectable, precious customers, will continue its works without any interruption just to let you have control of your installations.

 The main outstanding point of our company is growing with our own brands  thrivingly and struggling to have satisfactory accumulation as per the standards which are always changing and developing in  Turkey and all around the World .