Proportional Control Valve

As Pnosan Group, we attach great importance to production and development. We are aware that the technologies that shape the future, Industry 4.0 and innovation are critically important in terms of energy saving and sustainability. In this direction, we focus on products that are suitable for system needs in process lines and require less energy in our R&D and P&D processes. We would like to talk about the benefits of our TSEK-approved proportional control valves under our Nst-Nordsteam brand.

Proportional control valves ensure that the steam, hot water, hot water, cold water, hot oil, gas and similar fluids that are produced and produced by consuming energy in the enterprises can be transported and controlled in accordance with their purpose without any loss in order to meet the needs of the system.

These valves

  • To stop the flow completely or to give way completely depending on a certain time or event,
  • To be able to control the flow between the minimum flow value and the maximum flow value as a result of a certain time or function,
  • To save energy by controlling the flow,
  • Diverting the flow,
  • They are used to collect flow from other directions.

Proportional control valves characteristically have three different designs as equal percentage, linear and quick opening.

Control valve continues to attract attention as an extremely important auxiliary equipment in business and systems. Nowadays, where the heat needed in the systems is mainly compensated by steam, hot water and hot oils can also be preferred frequently. In addition to this, it is essential to have a control mechanism in terms of scaling steam to large facilities along with the use of steam.

Especially in sectors where pressure values are essential, control valve is known as a frequently preferred auxiliary equipment for the most healthy operation of the process. In this product type, which succeeds in coming to the fore with the positive values it provides, pressure difference and temperature values progress smoothly depending on human control. The product, which prevents external factors from affecting the process, has a special internal structured system.

Proportional valves – they change their output in proportion to their input value – offer reliable, cost-effective, compact solutions where consistent control and fast response at relatively low flow rates are required. Proportional control technology is ideal for the precise performance required in variable pressure and flow applications.